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With 360° Panoramic-View with Crystal Clear video, anywhere. IMILAB C21 With F2.0 ultra-large aperture lens, C21 can produce clear, sharp footage even in low light circumstance, keeping you aware of what’s going on at home from anywhere. Never miss a thing with complete coverage of your home with a 360° rotating panoramic view.


IMILAB has launched its C21 home security camera, and it includes more efficient & intelligent features than its predecessor. The indoor security camera by IMILAB can capture surveillance footage in full high-definition or 2.5k in 360° FOV or field of view.

IMILAB is determined to keep you secure, and its new IMILAB C21 indoor security camera comes with the Starlight night-vision and human detection & tracking technologies. Additionally, it also comes with odd sound detection smart feature.

The Starlight night vision feature in the C21 indoor security camera will offer you apparent footage in the low light environment or nighttime with ease. The Starlight night vision adds excellent value to the IMILAB security camera. IMILAB C21 indoor security camera also capable of detecting humans from non-human objects & pets. This AI feature will help it focus and track the human in the frame and ignore pets. Additionally, the sound detection technology will detect & record any suspicious sound send it to your personal device or smartphone right away.

The C21 security camera offers real-time 2.5k or 2560 x 1440p remote video surveillance on your smartphone. This way, you can keep an eye on your loved ones from practically anywhere. Additionally, It also provides a two-way calling feature that will enable you to talk to your loved ones from anywhere.

Voice Control? Sure thing? The C21 is designed to work seamlessly with Amazon’s Alexa line of smart products. Now you can use your voice to monitor your nursery or child’s bedroom. Ever hear a strange sound at night? Now you can determine where a mystery sound came from with pinpoint accuracy. Sporting a built-in fixed-point cruise mode, the versatile C21 provides users with custom cruise times, and cycle coverage. In C21 includes a 2-10 preset position and automatic regional cruise control. Add automatic phone notifications and you have a complete package.


 Brand   IMILAB
Model   C21
Released Date   2021

Camera Features

 Resolution   2.5k ~ 2560 x 1440p
Display Type  Surveillance Monitor ~ Personal Devices
Live Streaming   Yes

Camera power

 Power Supply   5V=2A
System Support  IMILAB App Support: Android & iOS
Live Streaming   Yes
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